Sing me to the moon


I never believed in love and eternity between idols and fans,

But when you said that you felt the eternal love from us,

I believed you.

I never truly understood the meaning of 'world peace',

But when you said that it is your greatest wish,

I believed you.

You write and compose, you listen...

两点我匆忙动身 穿过海德公园
雨点赶上了我 我赶上了米奇老鼠的野餐

"Pain, this will be the guide through my life."

"Just like my body's stretch marks were a part of my growing pains, we will move on endlessly while enduring the pain, under the belief of my growth and this world's growth. Because the pain creates the room for take-off, I thank you for the "stretch" that pushed me forward.

Not as always, yet I need you

Why the hell have I kept missing so many golden ages?! This is just so fking frustrating...
And I feel like that I would never be qualified to say I like you cause I was never part of your past by any possible means. Not even a slight.
I've never witnessed you reaching the climax, you being stuck in...

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